St Cecilia Orchestra

Ripon’s renowned St Cecilia Orchestra is much more than just an orchestra.
At its most spectacular it is an exceptionally fine and very large symphony orchestra, often working with top class international soloists and capable of giving high-quality performances


Romantics and Radicals

Performed By : St Cecilia Orchestra

See the
performance at

Holy Trinity Church

Sat 14th Jun 2025


This final concert of the season juxtaposes Schumann’s intensely lyrical cello concerto and Tchaikovsky’s poignant Andante Cantabile , performed by St Cecilia’s principal cellist, Helen Dawson, with works by two of the early 20th Century’s most radical composers, Sergei Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky: The ‘Classical’ Symphony, which meshes the tradition of clarity and formality with the renegade spirit of Prokofiev’s early works, and the ’Pulcinella Suite’, which Stravinsky called the ’epiphany through which the whole of my late work became possible’.


Schumann and Tchaikovsky meet Stravinsky and Prokofiev.